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Jonne Murke was Troika!'s pre-eminent scholar of the esoteric, obscene, and transcendent. While most of his work concerned identifying and cataloging the variant flora and fauna of the divergent spheres, his lesser-known passion was in identifying and cataloging people.

Murke's Peerage is his seminal work, a registry of notable personages, a study of the transcendent and the bizarre, and what he called "the definitive account of remarkable noteworthies across Troika! and the Elsewhere Lands."

Existing across several hundred volumes, a complete collection of Murke's Peerage is said only to exist somewhere in the library sphere of Biblonsong. This volume represents a mere fraction of Murke's work, and should be studied in conjunction with other surviving volumes if one wishes to come to a full understanding of the extent of Murke's obsession.

This volume of Murke's Peerage contains the following Backgrounds for use in your Troika! games:

  • Aspirant to the Lambent Visage - Super cool witchy lady?  Check.
  • Cannphibion - BOOM... but also ribbit.
  • Doorbane Zealot - Doors are just barriers, and barriers are jerks.
  • Misinformationist  - Truth sells, but who's buying?
  • Somnolence Warden - Shhhh.  Also you're a bird.
  • Starborn - I'm not saying this is Dr. Manhattan, but it's Dr. Manhattan.

Murke's Peerage of the Manifold Spheres - vol. C through 18 is a part of Murke's Peerage of the Manifold Spheres bundle, a collection of new Backgrounds for Troika! by Melsonian Arts Council (unaffiliated with this work).   Murke's Peerage of the Manifold Spheres is a collaboration between Cody Faulk (that's me!), Chris Bissette, and Matt Sanders, and is an independent production not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.

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TagsAbstract, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Surreal, Tabletop role-playing game


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