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By fate or circumstance, you never got the chance to finish your training as a witch. Perhaps you attended a proper school of witchery, or perhaps you were simply tutored by a hedge witch deep in the wilderness. Regardless of the method of your instruction, you left training under less-than-ideal circumstances. Maybe you were ejected from tutelage over misconduct, a mistake, or outright ineptitude, or perhaps you could no longer afford the price of instruction. Having left your studies behind, you had to seek employment elsewhere, so you chose the next best thing: an inspector of witch’s cauldrons.

Using your partial knowledge of witchcraft, you are responsible for performing inspections on witch cauldrons throughout the land to ensure they conform to all proper safety, ethical, and hexographic standards. Perhaps you can’t be a proper witch, but your position allows you to continue walking in that world. You can keep real witches safe if you’re so inclined, or you can make their lives difficult. In either case, maybe that’s close enough. Sure, you’re not a witch, but now witches have to do what you say, and if they don’t like it? You’re the one with the citation pad.

This is a background for use with 5e Dungeonns and Dragonns (definitely not the same thing as 5e Dungeons & Dragons) and Troika! There are 2 files for download. Each one is compatible with one of the two systems, so their style and content are tailored to the system they go with.

The Cauldron Inspector background is intended as an entry to both the Witch Jam and the Realism in Fantasy Jam, so it's about witches and it's also about a pedantically specific and undesirable circumstance that people find themselves in sometimes. Some people just like witches, and other people really, really enjoy their games being real-life simulators with no room for imagination, wonder, or inclusivity. I trust you know which one you are.

So if you like witchcraft, or if you like living out a waking nightmare of existential dread and failure in your TTRPGs instead of pretending to be an elf and hanging out with your wizard friends, this is the background for you.

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This is a hilarious idea. Love.